Frequently Asked Questions


Can V-Log be used on more than one PC?

Yes. V-Log supports multi user capability across your network so it can be used at multiple entrances within the same building.

Which operating system can V-Log be run on?

V-Log is for Windows operating systems only - Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 8 and upwards.

Can I use any make of label printer?

Unfortunately No. V-Log is setup to take advantage of the Brother Label Printer software functionality so you can design and use your own badge templates.

Can I use my own custom designed label / card stationery?

If you wish to design and use your own media we suggest you purchase a Brother TD-4100N label printer. You will be able to provide your own media, which for example may be pre-printed front and back with your own colour logo, confidentiality terms and emergency exit instructions.

Can the V-Log Self Sign In software be used on a tablet device?

Yes. However, the tablet must be running a version of the Windows operating system. V-Log is not compatible with the iPad.

If there's an emergency can I get the visitor information for that day from the system quickly and easily?

Yes. Within V-Log there is an Emergency button located in the bottom right of every screen. Just press it once to send a list of the current visitors to your default printer. You can also view the visitor lists on your smart phone.

Do I have to pay the licence each year?

No. You are paying for a perpetual licence of V-Log software.