Call for assistance with a simple click!

The SAFE (Send Alert For Emergency) Button is a panic button system for your PC. It allows you to send an emergency message or alert to other machines on your network, immediately raising an alarm for assistance.

The SAFE Panic Button is the perfect support solution in your workplace for anyone who may be threatened, needs to raise the alarm for an emergency or requires immediate help.

SAFE: Message Alert appears above all other applications

All participating users have a SAFE software button installed on their PC screen. Simply double-click to activate it, or alternatively hit a designated hot key or press an externally connected panic button.

SAFE: Can easily be moved to any part of your desktop

  • SAFE Panic Button gives your staff piece of mind knowing that assistance is only a click away.
  • A distinctive panic button that appears on your desktop above all other applications and can be moved to any position on your screen.
  • Supports the use of a hotkey or a physical external button connected via USB.
  • SAFE Panic Button users can be assigned to groups or zones so only nearby staff will be alerted in an emergency.
  • One licence covers up to 100 users on a single network.
  • The SAFE Master controls all panic buttons and keeps log files of any alerts raised. Useful if any further enquiries need to be raised regarding an incident

SAFE MASTER: Keeps detailed logs of all alerts raised 

SAFE is currently being used in a variety of different workplaces worldwide - such as GP surgeries, Schools, Health Centres, Local Authorities, Citizens Advice Bureaus and Media companies.


"The SAFE Panic Button system gives us assurance that we can summon help immediately if we need assistance from other clinicians in the practice - it's very simple to install and use"
Practice Manager - Dr Muir's Practice London